Church Boards

Board of Elders: Assists the Pastor in all matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the congregation. Ensures services are conducted smoothly, ensures congregation maintains scriptural truths, encourages and guides and mentors members in their spiritual growth, hires called employees. Minimum 3 male voting members, 2 year term.

Board of Trustees: Handles all church property maintenance. 3 members, 2 year term. Gardening, lawn mowing, planting, trimming; Building repair, including plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roof/gutter, etc.; Church vehicle repair and maintenance; Church signage maintenance

Board of Christian Education: Works with Pastor to plan and administer all church education programs. Provides training for church teachers, orders materials, keep attendance records. 4 members, 2 year term.

Board of Youth Ministry: Work with Pastor to provide opportunity for youth to gather in work, worship and fellowship. Analyze programs, facilities and equipment to make recommendations for improvement to the council. 4 members, 2 year term.

Board of Fellowship: Work with Pastor to provide activities other than worship for members and others of all ages; provide guidance to other boards regarding their social activities. 4 members, 2 year term. Church Picnic; Refreshments on Sunday mornings; Monthly potlucks and social events (i.e. Mariner’s game; wii bowling…); Christmas party/church decorations; Visiting shut-ins; Coordinate Advent and Lenten suppers.

Board of Outreach & Evangelism and Stewardship: Work with Pastor to reach out to unchurched people in order to draw them into the saving grace of Christ.  Plan and conduct outreach activities. Provide for incorporation of new members into the congregation. 4 members, 2 year term. Welcomers Group; Trunk or Treat; Monroe Fair; Website; Events (i.e. Ugandan choir; Organ Workshop; Memorial Day Service; Captive Free performance..) Grace Chats