Prayer Partners

vigil [ < Latin (= watchful, alert), < hypoth. IE wegeli- (lively, alert); akin to Eng. watch]

To be on a vigil is to be wakeful for a purpose. To the ancient Romans, that could be to stand guard, spy on the activities of a possible enemy, or prepare for a holy occasion.

Originally, the desire to take part in the holy occasion is so strong that you can’t wait for it to happen, which means you’re so full of determination that waiting and getting ready is all you can do, to the neglect of sleep or food. You don’t want to miss a second of it, you want to be there even for the preludes or the first sunbeams.

A prayer vigil happens when we get that way about praying.

The Prayer Vigils are a time you set aside to pray as a member of God’s church. We pray as a church, continually, and dedicate time to our church’s relationship to God. This is different from personal prayer time because you are praying before and after other church members and friends.

You are continuing their prayers, and others will continue your prayers, so that during the vigil, our church is continually in prayer to God, in His house.

Our next Prayer Vigil will be April 5, 2012.

Do you have a prayer request? Email your prayer request to . Grace Lutheran’s prayer partners will pray for you.